Corporate Responsibility Units in Asia

Our CR Unit in Hong Kong was established in 2012 with the aim to support the ALDI SOUTH Group with the implementation of our social and environmental compliance activities in Asia. In addition to the CR Unit in Hong Kong, which is responsible for China and Southeast Asia, a second CR Unit was opened in Bangladesh in March 2017. This team will implement all relevant activities in Bangladesh and neighboring countries, such as Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka.

The key roles and responsibilities of the CR Units in Asia are:

  • to implement the international Social Monitoring Programme and Detox-related activities;

  • to carry out regular assessments of working conditions and building/fire safety;

  • to communicate and provide the ALDI SOUTH countries and the ALDI Asian Office in Hong Kong with professional recommendations concerning the social and environmental compliance performance of suppliers and production facilities in the major sourcing countries of the ALDI SOUTH Group.

  • to oversee and coordinate all on-site capacity building projects of the ALDI SOUTH Group.