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At ALDI, responsible and lawful action is our top priority in order to secure economic success and prevent damage. Compliance is therefore a fundamental component of corporate responsibility and reinforces our values: simplicity, responsibility and reliability. Appropriate compliance measures, such as regular training for our employees, are designed to ensure that all our employees act in accordance with the rules.

ALDI has set up an independent Compliance Department which is responsible for developing the compliance management system on an ongoing basis. In addition, the compliance values are embodied by the company management and infused throughout the company by regularly setting the “tone from the top”.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of the ALDI has formed the basis for compliance and serves as a guideline for all employees. It sets out the principles that we adhere to in our daily dealings with each other, customers and business partners.

Please click here to read the Code of Conduct.

Contact Point for Compliance Violations

ALDI is committed to the highest standards of responsible behaviour and integrity in all of our business relationships. One of our responsibilities is to ensure that all of our business partners can freely submit genuine concerns made in good faith concerning dishonest, illegal or unethical activities that could cause damage to ALDI’s reputation as a company, or cause harm to individuals or the environment.

ALDI has established a complaints mechanism which enables both ALDI employees and external third parties (such as business partners, suppliers, employees of suppliers) to report their concerns. The following topics may, in particular, be reported (anonymously, if desired):

  • Theft, embezzlement
  • Breach of trust, fraud, falsification of document
  • Breach of competition law
  • Fair competition violation
  • Infringement related to a conflict of interest
  • Corruption/bribery, acceptance of prohibited financial benefit
  • Discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment
  • Labour law violation, infringement of occupational health and safety regulation
  • Misconduct by superior, employee or colleague
  • Breach of data protection stipulation
  • Violation of quality assurance guideline
  • Human rights violation
  • Violation of environmental law
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Violation that could result in significant financial damage or a loss of reputation

Channels for Reporting:

Compliance Department:

ALDI AlertLine:
Website: ALDI Alertline (External Website)
Phone: +852 800-90-0593 (Charges may apply for telephone call made outside Hong Kong SAR.)

If you have any question about the ALDI AlertLine, please speak to your normal business contact.